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Kinesiology | thinking outside the box

Kinesiology, physical activity and good health are hot topics right now!

Are you curious about this?

First of all, let’s define what kinesiology means. In essence, it combines the words kinesi, or “movement”, and logie, which means “science”. It’s clear then that kinesiology is the science of movement.

According to the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec website, a kinesiologist is “a healthcare professional who specializes in physical activity and uses movement for therapeutic, preventive, and performance enhancement purposes.” Kinesiology is what enables athletes to boost performance, helps workers prevent industrial accidents, and supports patients recovering from injury. However, a kinesiologist does so much more… She/he is also a trusted partner who supports a grandfather wishing to regain the vitality to play with his grandchildren; helps a hockey dad attend his child’s practices; assists a post-partum mother to recover after giving birth; and encourages patients with depression to break through their social isolation and regain a zest for life.

Yes, you understood well!

We all know that from a physical, emotional, and mental health standpoint, physical activity promotes overall wellness and balance. Being active has a direct influence on physical health and also plays a leading role in mental fitness.

The benefits of an active lifestyle on physical health are well-known. They include a lower resting heart rate, a decreased risk of heart and metabolic diseases, higher cardiovascular endurance, and more. However, many people don’t realize that regular exercise also has a positive impact on mental health, and can improve their ability to manage stress, anxiety and emotions, boost their daily energy levels, increase concentration skills, enhance sleep quality, raise self-esteem, and much more!

Numerous recent studies have shown that the effect of regular physical exercise is similar to that of antidepressants in people suffering from depression .

Your kinesiologist is more than a trainer

We live in extremely fast-paced times; however, we rarely – if ever! – take time to look after ourselves.

Let’s look beyond stereotypes. Regular physical activity doesn’t require buying a gym membership! To encourage you to stick with your regular exercise regimen, it’s important that your routine take into account your specific needs, interests, preferences and especially your day-to-day obligations. Most importantly, your commitment to physical activity must include a heavy dose of fun!

Your kinesiologist can help you set realistic, simple goals for repeatable long-term success. She/he will take the time to listen to you, guide and support you, and offer advice to help you reach your full potential.


By Joanny Morel, Kinesiologist / Clinic Coordinator – Solutions en Réadaptation



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