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The Physiothérapie Universelle clinics, which are specialized in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, have been providing health care services since 1982. Thanks to the quality of our services and the passion of our profesionnals, we have consistently expanded our network of clinics and our service offers. We now have more than 20 clinics in the Greater Montreal area and we also offer other services as massotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and much more. Our vision is to be the reference in Quebec in the field of rehabilitation by offering a complete range of innovative services, by multidisciplinary, committed and professional teams. Our mission is to offer each of our clients a personalized and adapted care solution to their condition in order to find or maintain an active life. We offer a complete range of services by a dynamic and committed multidisciplinary team.


In 2016, the clinics took a new turn in their development and renewed their brand in order to increase awareness of the competency of our professionals, the quality of our treatments and our evolution. Réadaptation Universelle becomes Physiothérapie Universelle.


In 2011-2012, expansion began to accelerate, and additional clinics were opened in Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Greenfield Park, Brossard, Saint-Laurent, Deux-Montagnes and on Molson Street. The network of clinics was renamed Réadaptation Universelle, and new services were launched through this expansion: musculoskeletal treatments, manual therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and osteopathy treatments, which are dispensed within the private sector, as well a treatment to people who suffered road or work accidents.


Between 1982 and 1985, the network of clinics expanded with the arrival of two new partners, namely Daniel Pratte and Dany Lessard, who are both physiotherapists. The Réadaptation Universelle clinics were subsequently launched, and, from up to 2010, others were opened in the Laurentians, in Lachine, on Jean-Talon Street and on Vanier Street. The offering was then diversified, and ergotherapy treatments were, from then on, offered in all our clinics. These were essentially administered to patients having suffered a work accident (CNESST) or a road accident (SAAQ).


It was back in 1982 that Alain Besner, physiotherapist and now president of Physiothérapie Universelle, launched the first two Physiothérapie Universelle clinics, which were located on Fleury Street East, in Montréal, and on the Boulevard des Laurentides, in Vimont (Laval). There, Alain and his team provided physiotherapy treatments with physical rehabilitation therapists.

Our Values

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We trust each other.
We aim for simplicity.
We have fun.
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